Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table
Arlington Cemetery Field Trip 2013

What is a Civil War Round Table?

The Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table is a diverse group of men and women who meet once a month to hear speakers and discuss topics related to the American Civil War. For more details see our Info & Contacts page. A membership application form and instructions are available on our Application page.

As of April 3, 2014, the Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table has donated more than  $37,250  to various Civil War preservation efforts.

Next Meeting:

May 7, 2014: James Gindlesperger - "CSS Alabama vs. USS Kersarge"
7:00 PM,   West Chester Municipal Building,  401 E. Gay St., West Chester, PA
( Need driving directions? See our Directions page. )

Note(s) to Members:

 Banquet Reminder:  The deadline to submit your order for this year's banquet is  May 1 . Additional info on the banquet is posted here.
Meeting Room Guidelines:  In order to continue using our current meeting room, all members must adhere to the set of guidelines listed here.
BVCWRT Constitution:  A copy of the Round Table's current constitution is available here.
NY Times "Disunion" Series:  Click here

Schedule for  2013 - 2014: 

Sep 4, 2013:  Ed Bonekemper - "How Robert E. Lee lost the Civil War"
Oct 2, 2013:  Jaan Troltenier - "Art of the Civil War"
Nov 6, 2013:  Roger Arthur - "1863: A New Birth of Freedom"
Dec 11, 2013:  Louis Caban - "Lee's Retreat from Gettysburg" (cancelled due to weather conditions)
Jan 8, 2014:  Harriett Mueller - "Clara Barton"
Feb 5, 2014:  Dave Walter - "Stars and Bars Over Philadelphia" (cancelled due to weather conditions)
Mar 5, 2014:  Florence Williams - "1862 Coatesville Ladies Aid Society"
Apr 2, 2014:  Les Rolston - "Home of the Brave: Immigrants who received the Medal of Honor", plus our Spring Social
May 7, 2014: James Gindlesperger - "CSS Alabama vs. USS Kersarge"
May 13, 2014: (Annual Banquet):  J.D. Petruzzi - "Gettysburg: Casualties related to the entire campaign"

Schedule for  2014 - 2015: 

Sep 3, 2014:  Lou Caban - "Lee's Retreat from Gettysburg"
Oct 1, 2014:  Bruce Mowday - "Pickett's Charge"
Nov 5, 2014:  Jaan Troltenier - "19th Century African American Art"
Dec 3, 2014:  John Hoptak - "South Mountain"
Jan 7, 2015:  Mike Kochan - "Fort Fisher"
Feb 4, 2015:  Dave Walter - "Stars and Bars Over Philadelphia"
Mar 4, 2015:  Charlie Zahm - "Music of the Civil War"
Apr 1, 2015:  Roger Arthur - "Lincoln Assassination"
May 6, 2015: Jim Mundy - "The Tanner Manuscript"
May 12, 2015: (Annual Banquet):  Allen Guelzo - "Gettysburg: The Last Invasion"

List of speakers for previous years.